About Winton Products Co.

Use Sherlock 5 second leak detector ​ on gas connections, air lines, tanks, cylinders, refrigeration condensers, or evaporators.   Any system or product that can be leak-tested with compressed air or gas. ​

Efficient - Uniform - Convenient ​

Pinpoints large and small leaks far better than any soap solution.

​ Ready mixed for immediate use.  Brush on with our 16 ounce Winton brush top bottle.  Spray on with our 16 ounce Winton trigger sprayer.  Squirt on with our 4 or 8 ounce squeeze bottle.  Swab on with our 8 ounce dauber bottle.

​ For leak-testing small connections we recommend using squeeze or dauber-cap bottles.  Finding small leaks on large surfaces or a hard to reach location, the spray method using Winton trigger sprayers is the quickest and most efficient.  At welded or riveted seams that might contain larger leaks apply the liquid slowly and evenly using a Winton brush top dispenser.  Do not brush up a lather, always apply the fluid as a clear liquid. ​

Large leaks quickly form large bubbles.  Small leaks form clusters of small bubbles that hold for 10 minutes or more.  Detection made sure and simple. ​

Sherlock fluids contain no fatty acids or ammonia. ​

Foaming efficiency, safety, temperature range and overall performance carefully monitored during production and batch testing. ​

Sherlock fluids are available to use in many different sizes:
- 4 & 8 ounce squeeze bottles
- 8 ounce dauber bottle
- Single gallons packed 4 or 6 gallons per carton
- 5 gallon pails
- 55 gallon drums

​ Most fluids are in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order.

​ Special formulated fluids are available for any application.  Halogen and Chloride free fluids are available on a special request basis.